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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

Raul Miller writes:
> Meskes, Michael <meskes@topsystem.de> wrote:
> > So I misunderstood the original mail. Yes, you were right I meant the 3
> > month development + 3 months freeze. But that one could contain some
> > development for the next version, as we do now. The problem as I see it,
> > is that there are major bugs in hamm that no one cares about, because we
> > are already working on slink. I still don't fully understand why we
> > can't get hamm out of the door.
> First time I heard about this.
> I thought that we had some people in the critical path who were
> working just as hard as they could to get hamm released.

Upong rereading my mail it sounds pretty offending, but was never meant to
be. What I wanted to say way that the open bugs are the only open problem I
was aware of. I wasn't aware of a problem with the boot disks and libc.
Besides I think we should ship with whatever version of glibc is available
and not wait for Ulrich.

I had a hard time imagining that these bugs are the only reason for the
delay, because it shouldn't be too difficult to fix them or move the package
out of the dist. 


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