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autoup.sh 0.27 released

available from the usual sites:


remember that the vicnet site has the tarball and other stuff.  The taz site


v0.26: 1998-05-29 (Craig Sanders)
 - slang has moved from libs to base.
 - netbase must be installed before netstd, not on same line.
 - ALLPKGS was defined twice. once at start of script, and once
   when SEDSCRIPT had been set. so, existence of netstd and netbase
   wasn't being checked. changed to just process ALLPKGS with SEDSCRIPT.

 - merged in functionality of make-tarfiles.sh so i don't have to update
   it every time autoup gets updated.  This will make no difference to
   most users, it is only useful for people maintaining autoup mirror

v0.27: 1998-05-29 (Craig Sanders)
 - changed 'ln' to 'ln -s' and 'tar cfz' to 'tar chfz' so that the
   tarball can be created even if the local debian mirror and the
   autoup directory are on different filesystems.

and here's the diff:

---cut here---
--- autoup.sh	1998/04/21 00:10:08	0.25
+++ autoup.sh	1998/05/29 01:50:24	0.27
@@ -2,11 +2,21 @@
 # upgrade a libc5 (bo) machine to libc6 (hamm).
-# $Id: autoup.sh,v 0.25 1998/04/21 00:10:08 root Exp $
+# $Id: autoup.sh,v 0.27 1998/05/29 01:50:24 root Exp $
 # based on Scott Ellis' excellent "Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO"
 # document at http://www.gate.net/~storm/FAQ/libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.html
+# Command line options:
+# --make-tarfiles       create tarball of debian packages INSTEAD of
+#                       doing the upgrade.  This option is *only* useful
+#                       for maintainers of autoup mirror sites.  End
+#                       users can safely ignore this option.
 # Author: Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
 #         and many others.  see changelog for details.
@@ -57,19 +67,24 @@
 PKGS_LIBGPP="oldlibs/libg++27_*.deb libs/libg++272_*.deb \
 PKGS_DPKG="base/dpkg_*.deb utils/dpkg-dev_*.deb"
-PKGS_SLANG="oldlibs/slang0.99.34_*.deb libs/slang0.99.38_*.deb"
+PKGS_SLANG="oldlibs/slang0.99.34_*.deb base/slang0.99.38_*.deb"
 PKGS_LIBGDBM="oldlibs/libgdbm1_*.deb base/libgdbmg1_*.deb"
 PKGS_MOREDPKG="interpreters/data-dumper_*.deb interpreters/libnet-perl_*.deb \
                base/dpkg-ftp_*.deb admin/dpkg-mountable_*.deb"
-PKGS_NET="net/netbase_*.deb net/netstd_*.deb"
-cat <<__EOF__
+if [ "$1" == "--make-tarfiles" ] ; then
+    answer="m" 
+  cat <<__EOF__
 This script will install the packages necessary to ensure a safe upgrade
 to hamm.  
@@ -85,9 +100,11 @@
 If you need to download the files via FTP, press 'f'.
-echo -n "if you have the files in the current dir, press 'c': (m/f/c) "
+  echo -n "if you have the files in the current dir, press 'c': (m/f/c) "
+  read answer
-read answer
 case "$answer" in
@@ -236,9 +253,7 @@
 echo "checking that all needed files are available..."
 # sanity check that we can find the packages
+ALLPKGS=$( echo "$ALLPKGS" | sed -e "$SEDSCRIPT" )
 for i in $ALLPKGS ; do
     echo -n "$(basename $i) "
@@ -255,6 +270,18 @@
 echo "all needed files found." 
+# make the tarball if called with --make-tarfiles
+if [ "$1" == "--make-tarfiles" ] ; then
+    mkdir debfiles
+    cd debfiles
+    ln -s $ALLPKGS .
+    tar chfz ../autoup.tar.gz *
+    cd ..
+	exit 0
 # libc5
@@ -418,7 +445,8 @@
 # and now netbase and netstd
 # paranoia says to run this at the end
 $DPKG --configure --pending
---cut here---

craig sanders

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