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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Thu, May 28, 1998 at 04:12:01PM +0200, Meskes, Michael wrote:
> Sorry, now I don't understand. I think we should release twice a year.

I really think this does not really fix the problem we're having now with
hamm though.  Trying to test and fix problems in EVERYTHING is a big task
considering how big EVERYTHING is..

It's MUCH better IMO to have PACKAGES be stable and unstable.  After a
period of time (at least partially on the urgency of the package--not the
priority) if there are no outstanding grave/critical bugs, the package can
be moved into stable dist..

Every 3-6 months (more or less time if there is a real need) freeze stable
for an official CD image to be made.  This would allow what's done to be out
and used by everybody, what's not done to get either noticed as not done and
fixed, or left out of stable till someone decides that it's important enough
that the bug doesn't matter (in which case the bug might just end up

I do suggest adding a new urgency, call it very_high or critical or
whatever, it would essentially be used for things like new kernel patches
fixing the latest IP exploit or other things that can't wait for the testing
process in unstable..

This would make testing easier because it would break a large job into small
parts, make the dist more of a community thing while still maintaining
quality and getting new software out when there is reasonable assurance
there aren't a number of seriously nasty bugs.  Minor bugs are a fact of
life, we deal with them.

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