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Re: How to reratify the DFSG ?

I'm in favour of your preferred course of action.  This allows us to
vote on the changes, while still giving you the ability to gracefully
merge possibly overlapping changes.

I do think that the intial "proposal" should be the DFSG as it is now,
unmodified.  We've already ratified that, and it should remain the
status quo.

> So, I have a wide spectrum of choices.  Naturally I could push my own
> agenda (and, being a zealot I think this would be the Right Thing, of
> course).  The leadership role has a lot of ability to control the text
> of documents, especially if the document is proposed by the leader.

That you bring up this point tells me that you are not likely to
abuse this power :)

> At the other end of the scale, I could delegate the whole job of
> ratifying the DFSG to someone who strongly agrees with the current
> meaning and wording and place myself in the position of a developer.

The process of finding such a person would itself be controversial,
unless someone volunteers who clearly has the confidence of the
developers in general.

I fear that any trouble on this point will result in _several_ people
making DFSG-like proposals, which would be quite a mess.

> However, I'm not necessarily convinced that this would make it easy
> enough to get even essential and uncontroversial wording changes
> through.

I think it is overly optimistic to expect *any* change to the DFSG
to be uncontroversial.

Richard Braakman

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