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RE: How to reratify the DFSG ?

On 28-May-98 Ian Jackson - Debian Project Leader wrote:
> So, I have a wide spectrum of choices.  Naturally I could push my own
> agenda (and, being a zealot I think this would be the Right Thing, of
> course).  The leadership role has a lot of ability to control the text
> of documents, especially if the document is proposed by the leader.
How about making it a "package" with a few trusted maintainers (read committee
:) to evaluate the proposed changes... take input and then recommend the
changes.  Then the vote could be taken in whatever method Debian used to get
the DSFG ratified in the first place.  That's more or less the way any large
organization or company would do it.  The "leader" would, in general, not be on
the committee if the organization is big enough to supply the committee without

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