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RE: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Meskes, Michael wrote:

> So I misunderstood the original mail. Yes, you were right I meant the 3
> month development + 3 months freeze. But that one could contain some
> development for the next version, as we do now. The problem as I see it,
> is that there are major bugs in hamm that no one cares about, because we
> are already working on slink. I still don't fully understand why we
> can't get hamm out of the door.
Well, as I see it there are two major issues, one of which is my

First, we are waiting on an upstream release of 2.0.7 glibc (any day now)
which will, hopefully fix several package problems.

Second, the major need for a release is to have a functioning set of
installation disks. As several of the crucial packages were converted to
slang "at the last minute" they have taken some time to stabalize out. It
appears that the most recent disk set is well on the way to being release

Once these two criterion have been met we only need to determine which
bugs stand in the way of a release and fix them...sounds too simple ;-)

Waiting is,

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