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RE: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Meskes, Michael wrote:

> IMO six months is too long. How about freeze every three months and
> release twice a year at fixed dates? Something like the NetBSD schedule.

Twice a year IS once every six months. If you freeze every three months
you get 4 releases per year.

A freeze every six months with a 3 month testing cycle to release, gets
two releases out every 12 months.

The problems that I see with this, are just the problems we have had while
trying to get hamm to a release...bo gets no attention. It is the overlaps
that cause problems.

If, on the other hand what you meant was: Three months of development,
followed by three months of testing frozen to produce a release, then
there is no overlap and attention is being payed to only the release under

I see this as requiring some direction and control over the development
effort. It will require that maintainers who want to work on packaging for
the "next" release, will hold that work until work begins on that next
release, so as not to clutter up the current release. A well defined set
of simple goals for each release cycle would expidite the schedule.

Our current problem with releasing 2.0 is that we took on goals that were
too complex for a simple release cycle. It was necessary in this case, but
we should work harder in the future at keeping a more narrow focus on
short term goals when working on a release. 

We still need to be able to run projects (like apt) which are not strictly
tied to any particular release, but grow slowly from release to release.
Part of the difficulty is keeping those projects active without impacting
release schedules.

Waiting is, 

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