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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Bill Mitchell wrote:

  > > <snip>        If CD's are important they will happen.  But rather than
  > > releasing shoddy work, we make a well honed product.  I can wait for a
  > > WORKING cd.  I had to deal with RH at work and know the difference in
  > > quality we make.
  > I am located in the Philippines.  I get download speeds in the hundreds
  > of bytes per second when my ISP is up, and my ISP has frequent outages.
  > I can download the occasional package, but downloading more than a few
  > megabytes is painful (at 300 bytes per second, I get roughly a megabyte
  > per hour).  Those of us without high speed internet access _need_ CDs.
  > As a practical matter, the latest debian system release available to me
  > is whatever I can get on mail-order CD.

Even that I'm a hostmaster here in Uruguay, I have a 64K line... and
as good transfer rate is about 4KB(~4:00 am) that's why CD's are
needed here... 

    Carlos Barros.

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