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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

> This has made developers (many of whom were attracted by Debian's
> incremental and partial upgrade capability) very reluctant to
> upgrade.  It has also made it impossible to fix bugs in bo.


> Let us never make this mistake again.
> We have often good backwards compatibility, so that it doesn't matter
> if our stable distribution is a mixture of a.out and ELF or libc5 and
> libc6.

It would not be that easy for FSSTD/FHS mix I guess :)

That's why I would propose not have FHS-compliance goal for 2.1 release.
Instead, work on 2.1 as a "bugfix", simple package upgrade release, apt?, 
and in parallel for FHS transition.


Alex Y.

 _( )_
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 |      _ 7           |            Alexander Yukhimets            |
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