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Re: Proposal: Automatic query servicing for dpkg installation scripts

Michael Shields writes ("Re: Proposal: Automatic query servicing for dpkg installation scripts"):
> Directly?  I'm not sure what format would be both fast and
> human-editable.  What if there were a tool to export to text and
> reimport?

If a directly-editable format is too slow (which may well be the
case), then we can use a cache file.  That means you have to write out
the relevant files of the directly-editable format whenever a change
is made, but that hardly seems onerous.

> I'd also very much like the ability to have a script preload the
> database.  For example, virtually every machine here, servers and
> workstations alike, has the same settings for mail handling, DNS
> servers, NTP servers, &c.  I'd like to, as part of the setup for a new
> machine, preload all those settings so that they are ready when the
> packages get installed.



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