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Re: The broken libjpeg-6b is in RH 5.1

jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl writes:
> - libtool does not support the concept of inter-library dependencies
>   (see its author's page about this at 
>   http://www.profitpress.com/libtool/deplibs.html - he has valid reasons,
>   but it is unfortunate for Linux).

Two possibilities:

1) group of Debian developers could try and work together to get him
the information he needs, or

2) Debian could fund his creation of this feature.  It's important to
us, I think, and it's important to the free software community at
large.  Although lower-profile than Gnome, it seems important enough
to spend money on.

> - Recent versions of libtool compile everything with an explicit -rpath
>   setting. Binaries built with it cannot be run on systems that have the
>   same libraries, but in different locations.
>   An example of this problematic behaviour is with Red Hat's TriTeal CDE
>   1.2 on Debian "hamm" systems: the CDE is libc5, and was compiled -rpath
>   /usr/X11R6/lib . Thus, on a Debian "hamm" system, ld.so only looks for
>   the X libraries there, and thinks it finds them, but they are the wrong 
>   ones: on Debian "hamm" (and thus, Debian 2.0), /usr/X11R6/lib contains
>   X libraries for use with libc6. The result of this is that many CDE
>   applications dump core and require editing of their binaries (replacing
>   the RPATH in the Dynamic Section (see objdump --all-headers) with NULLs)
>   before they can be run successfully.

Could someone who is sufficiently knowledgable (you?) build a tool to
do this automatically that could be run from in debian/rules---so that
when people run lintian on their packages, and it bitches about the
rpath, people can add a couple of lines like:

find -type f -name '*.so.*' | xargs -r remove-rpath
find -perm +x | xargs -r remove-rpath

to debian/rules and have the problem zapped?


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