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Linux Kongress in Cologne?

On Tue 26 May 1998, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I've not seen anybody else mention this yet, so... I'll be in New Orleans
> for Usenix next month, 15th to 19th of June. Anybody else going who'd like
> to meet/drink/swap PGP keys etc.?

I'm not going there, although I might be able to go to the Linux
Kongress in Cologne (Köln), Germany next week (www.linux-kongress.de).
I see that Ian Jackson and Bruce Perens are going to be be presenting
something; any other debian people going to be there?  I'll be helping
out at the isdn4linux stand if I go (I'll be the "big" personality there :-)

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands

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