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Hello Debian Developers,

first of all thanks to everybody for providing me with this absolutely
_outstanding_ distribution. I started with Linux in october '97 with buying a
debian 1.3.1 CD at j.f.lehmanns and I'm very satisfied with it ever since. 
(Upgraded to hamm recently.)

Now why I am writing...
I extracted a _very_ small Linux-System out of my hamm to be installed on
a server as the root-filesystem for x-terminals. Without X-Server and
Kernel it is about 1.5 MB. With both less than 4MB. (Uncompressed)
Ask me for details.

(Maybe I should discuss my approach with some Linux-Pro's?)

Now I would like to know if there is anybody interested in me making a
special root-filesystem-for-xterminal.deb package out of it?

I would have to work on some install-scripts and find a way to provide the
xterminal with the right XF86Config, the right server and a kernel.
Maybe setting up /etc/bootptab and assisting on making a netbootable-kernel
and bootrom-image (using netboot).

In the end it could be a simple package to set up xterminals on a server.

Is there a need for something like that? Maybe someone else working on that?

Have fun!
Klaus Rothert    <klaus@calis.han.de>
2048/660F5379  0C B2 E8 FD 77 AC F8 72  BE E8 00 D9 34 90 6B 8B

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