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Re: Open Source-ness of ircII

On Sun, 24 May 1998, matthew green wrote:

>    > in any case, i can not change the text of the license as michael
>    > sandrof has not been around for at least 6 years.
>    In my opinion we should quote this and put it in /usr/doc/ircii/copyright,
>    then close #21683, and leave ircii in hamm.
> if you want to quote something, ask me for a better bit of text :)
>    Unless someone can get ahold of Michael Sandrof about this. (or does
>    "not been around" mean deceased?)
> no, he just stopped doing anything with computers AFAIK.

This is unfortunate.  I suspect maybe we should move it into non-free,
although that's only my opinion.  Ideally we'd want an unencumbered
rewrite (yagirc looks promising but buggy, although it's graphical of


P.S. Hmm.. name rings a bell.  Were you a NetBSD kernel hacker, mrg?

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