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Re: Proposal: Automatic query servicing for dpkg installation scripts

Andreas Degert <ad@papyrus.hamburg.com> wrote:
> Configuration of samba is too complex; on my server there is a
> smb.conf with 350 lines, and some additional files that are included
> when connections to special machines are made. You can define such a
> configuration with a text editor or with a complex configuration
> program (like the one in linuxconf, or in webmin, but even those can't
> handle all situations). The list was meant as a list of packages with
> (potentially) complex config files.

None of this is currently handled by the postinst, however -- so this
falls under distributed administration (in general) rather than 
distributed installation and upgrades (in particular).

> > Other than that, we'd also need to solve the problem of batch
> > administration (reflecting config changes on many machines), though
> > I recall that we have at least one package which already does that.
> which package(s) are you talking about?

Er... [grep, grep, grep, grep] cfengine, I guess.

> > And you have to have a way of addressing the case where you got something
> > wrong.
> hmm, how do you mean that? For a single machine I'd telnet into it and
> correct it by hand. If it's multiple machines, could it be solved by a
> mechanism to "reflect config changes on many machines" (quote from
> above) ?

The context was someone doing a manual install or upgrade on a hundred
or more machines -- any keystroke errors have to be dealt with.  If
the machine is still on the net, hasn't had its hard disk hosed, and
is in generally good condition then yes: a good distributed configuration
tool should be able to clean up the mess.


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