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Re: New APT version

On Thu, May 21, 1998 at 12:18:32AM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> Of course, it could be added as a field in the package description, but
> I believe Manoj was intending to add it as an extra control file for
> the package (which would require downloading the package, unless further
> provisions were  taken -- and, yes, you could extract the file by 
> direct examination of the archive part of the package, with no package
> format change but a bit more software,  though this would be a bit
> more resource intensive than extracting a control file).

My suggestion would have this info not even in the control files.  It'd be
in the main ar along with debian-binary, control.tar.gz, and data.tar.gz. 
You'd still have to DL the thing, but you intended to install it so you'd
HAVE to DL it anyway for that.

I don't recall if ar's are compressed or not, if not it might be a good idea
to gzip the thing first.  I just thought it might be faster than dealing
with the potentially high overhead of ar, gzip, and then tar on something
with lotsa control stuffs.  I don't know of any packages this would be an
issue offhand, so Manoj's suggestion might be better (and need less work
which is always good..)

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