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Re: New APT version

In message <Pine.A32.3.93.980520100436.116882A-100000@inca.gate.net>, Scott 
is writes:
>On Wed, 20 May 1998, Will Lowe wrote:
>> Maybe I'm the only one with this problem,  but apt-get doesn't seem to
>> check for available space on the filesystems it's going to install stuff
>> on.  I've several times had dselect hang on me because it runs out of
>> space whilst unpacking files.
>It gives space-usage information, but unfortunatly there isn't a truely
>practical way to determine the space requirements of a package for each
>filesystem (short of reading all the packages through beforehand to gather
>the size information out of them, something that would extend what many
>think is already an extrodinarily long installation routine).  In
>addition, it really is dpkg's place to know about being out of space, not
>apt's (imho)

I ran into this problem while installing Bo on a system recently... I had no 
idea how many packages I could select to install given 350M of hard disk 
space.  I had to restart twice, before I finally decided to install only the 
barest necessities, assuming they'd fit, and then rerun dselect 4 more times 
to keep adding more stuff until I had the disk full.  This isn't the best 
method.  Having dselect tell me how much space I was about to use would have 
been a great help.  The fact that when I wanted to install only one more 
package off the CD and it still ran through every package available to check 
its status was also very annoying and time consuming.

Maybe there is a way to have each package give its size, and include that in 
some global index?  I don't know much about dselect, dpkg, and apt, but 
space usage information would be VERY helpful.


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