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Re: upstreams maintainer conflict, was: wget: remove outdated manual page


On 15 May 1998, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:

[ Many points on Texinfo vs SGML elided because I don't have sufficient
  technical knowledge to comment on them. ]

>5) Finally, what does this buy us?  Texinfo is not a perfect system,
>   but it works reasonably well.  Moving to SGML should be accompanied 
>   by a true gain in functionality.

    Well, the idea was for it to create a common format that could
create both info format output and manpage format from a single
source, so that people who like manpages can get the information they
need there.

>   So far most of the complaints to Info in favor of man were related
>   to the lack of a good text-based standalone Info reader (the one
>   shipped by the FSF is horrible, and not only for the bindings.)

    Well, part of it is that when I'm scanning for data, I kind of
like just hitting page-down until something catches my eye.  This is
something I can't do if I'm navigating multiple levels of links.  I
find myself going through section after section in info emacs20 trying
to find things sometimes (of course here, the documentation is so
massive, having a manpage wouldn't help, but maybe it helps show what
I mean).

>   Let's not confuse the two very different issues -- if it is the
>   reader that is broken, then the reader should be fixed.  I've never
>   heard an Emacs users complain on Info.

    You just did :) I use Emacs for everything from writing email to
word processing (via LaTeX/AucTeX).  I still don't like info :) That
may say more about my (lack of) skill with Emacs/Info than about the
software itself, but the comment stands :)

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