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Re: upstreams maintainer conflict, was: wget: remove outdated manual page

> Mr. Lichtmaier, seeing the complains, simply went ahead and "updated"
> the man-page (in fact only adding the docs for new switches), but he
> left the out-of-date warning!  As this man-page was clearly not what I
> want to see in Wget, I asked Mr. Lichtmaier to either remove the
> man-page from the package (linking it to undocumented(7), as per
> Debian policy manual), or to create a simple man page based on `wget
> --help' output.  I got no response.

 Here at Debian we like manpages. We decided to provide a manpage with every
executable in the system. You have read the policy and know that it would be
a bug for a Debian package to link to undocumented(7). It would also be a bug to
remove the manpage. So I've choosen to improve it. It would be great if
you can point any problem you find in the new version.

 I will add a note (kind of a disclaimer) to the page saying that I'm
responible for it, if you wish. I could add to the end of each section a
"Consult the info docs for mmore info" message.

 I still think that the manpage is very useful for many users (most
non-emacs users hate info =) ) and it would a good thing to find a solution
that suits everybody.

 Sorry for any language weirdness I have written. I'm not a native English
writer and I'm very tired now ( 2:00 AM ).. =)

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