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Re: dselect bug?? client-only installations of X..

Quoting M.C. Vernon (mcv21@cam.ac.uk):
> As I see it,xbase requires an xserver of some description: although it
> suggests a whole list of servers, you need to install at least one. 

But xbase doesn't really require an xserver. E.g., I have a machine with
an MDA card and monitor that I sometimes want to run emacs on. If I'm
sitting in front of a machine with Xwindows, it would be nice to run
that emacs in graphical mode. No problem: I fire up ssh, which uses
xauth to forward x sessions...oh, wait, xauth is in xbase...guess I need
to install an xserver _on a machine with a text-only video system_ to
get this little goodie to run. X programs should all work like this:
they don't really care whether there is an Xserver on the local machine,
as long as they can send their display somewhere.

I'm not sure how best to deal with this; perhaps an xserver-headless or
xserver-networked package or somesuch that could satisfy dependencies
without actually installing an Xserver on the local machine.

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