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Re: New APT version

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> On Tue, 5 May 1998, Joey Hess wrote:
> > This makes me wonder if we should think about dropping autoup as
> > the preferred way to upgrade to hamm, and switch to apt. On the one
> > hand, autoup has been tested pretty thouroghly and we shouldn't risk
> > postponing debian 2.0 to work out bugs in apt. On the other hand,
> > I've never seen autoup as anything but a hack. Apt also lets people
> > accomplish the entire bo -> hamm upgrade from inside dselect, which
> > is much cleaner.

i agree. if apt can do it and is ready in time for testing then we
should certainly drop autoup and use apt instead.

autoup *is* just a hack to get around a few deficiencies in
dselect/'dpkg -iGROEB'. if it's no longer needed, then throw it
away....it served it's purpose for the time it *was* needed.

> Well, not to belittle auto-up, but has it been kept up with the new
> bo->hamm elements?


> Dpkg now depends on libstdc++ for instance.

i released a new version to cope with this (and slang dependancies and
other stuff) only a week or so ago. i update it as required, and as
people inform me that it has problems.

> As far as bugs in apt go, I have been running a beta for the past
> month on alot of different machines and system and people. I have
> monitored about 5 bo upgrades that apt didn't have any problem with
> (there were package bugs though)

if apt can do a complete bo -> hamm upgrade without requiring the user
to install a few packages by hand then we should use it.

> The very nice thing about apt is that it is highly deterministic in
> it's ordering, if you do one upgrade you can be pretty sure that alot
> of other similar ones will work correctly as well. I tried to do alot
> to make things happen in a highly predictable and constant order.

yes, i really like apt. i've been using it to upgrade my own systems for
a few weeks now. it works. i've used 'apt-get upgrade' from the command
line, and apt as a dselect access method...i am very impressed with
apt's performance.


craig sanders

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