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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Hamm

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Brian White wrote:

> The message is intended to inform _others_ of the problems that exists
> in order to encourage them to help solve those problems.  When people
> whine about "When is Hamm going to be released?" I can just point them
> to this weekly message and ask them what they've done to help.
So this is strictly for your benfit? ;-)

I don't know if you have looked at the list of bugs against libc6 lately,
but I find this list of "critical release bugs" to be of great help in
organizing my time to the best effect. Putting the list in package order
can only aid me in that effort.

Thank you for "fixing" the order of the list!

I'm sure that those you wish to entice to help via this list will also
find it much easier to determine where help is needed, as well as


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