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/tmp permissions !


  I'm using Debian 1.3.1 and till that i'm using only as root's user
I was having problems on installing my PCBIT ISDN card, but know it's ok
! :)

 When the problem was resolved I'd log in as other user but I couldn't
make "man" 
command as well start up X ! 

 My problem was the /tmp permissions ! I didn't had write permissions on
my /tmp
directory! So I made:

   $ chmod 777 tmp

 ... and it worked ! ;)

 My question is: Is a good policy users to have write permissions !?!? 
                 Should they have it !?

 Best regards,
    Nuno Carvalho

 Nuno Emanuel Carvalho  
 University of Coimbra 
 Dep. of Informatics Engineering  
  URL: http://student.dei.uc.pt/~nemanuel 
  e-mail: nemanuel@student.dei.uc.pt     

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