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Re: Tiny libraries

On 5 May 1998, Ole J. Tetlie wrote:

  > I have a package that uses two very small libraries, shhmsg and shhopt.
  > I packaged the libs separately from the program that uses them, but it
  > has been suggested that I just incorporate them in the package that
  > uses them (snake4).
  > The libs are generally useful and they are distributed separately
  > from the author, so I still think it's a good idea to have them
  > as packages.
  > Any opinions?

My Opinion is that too much packages make too much complex the
instalation... Sometimes there must be those things, but remember how
much time you spent 'dselecting' packages. 
If there are other packages that need that library, all right do it.
The other thing is that the package also provide that library.

That is only a user opinion...

    Carlos Barros.

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