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Re: Apt is cool (yay!) - What about bo?

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Joost Kooij wrote:

> I love the staus display too. It is a bit "jumpy" though, maybe you want
> to printf the numbers etc. in a fixed-size field. Oh, and an expected TOA
> per package would be a nice finishing touch (I'm getting carried away I
> guess ;-).

I was thinking of right aligning the ETA and CPS on the line, that would
help with alot of the jumping. I could use a 4 digit field for the current
size, but on large files that would not update very often..
What is a TOA? (ETA you mean?)
> One thing though: when I installed apt 0.8, it replaced deity (I
> had even forgotten that I still had that.) When I ran dselect and
> exited the select screen, it complained about apt and deity conflicting. I
> think deity should have been gone by then? (It showed up -*- in the
> conflict screen.) Maybe it is related to this:
>   /var/lib/dpkg/info/deity.postrm: [: --: binary operator expected

Yeah, very few people had installed the deity deb so this was never fixed,
you need to edit the postrm to fix the problem and then remove the deity


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