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Re: "Visual" IDE?

Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> writes:

> What exactly are your objections to Emacs' compile-mode and
> gdb-mode?  I find them to be quite useful.  Perhaps you could write
> some extensions that would make them more useful to you.

I used to use CodeWarrior back when I was a Mac user (yes, I was), and
I've since found Emacs a far better development environment.
*Sometimes*, but not often, I find that it's nice to be able to browse
your data graphically at run-time, and in those cases I whip out ddd.
The only development envt I was impressed much by on the Mac side was
MCL (Macintosh Common Lisp).

For one thing, CodeWarrior and all of the Mac options were far too
limited in what you could do to automate your development processes.
There is no way I could do the things I've done since under UNIX.
Most of the graphical stuff to me was just fluff.  I didn't fully
realize that until I had a number of *tremendously* frustrating
experiences.  I haven't had any aggravations/disappointments to
compare since I started using Debian.

To each their own.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
PGP fingerprint = E8 0E 0D 04 F5 21 A0 94  53 2B 97 F5 D6 4E 39 30

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