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Re: MDA's was: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 11:45:24PM +0400, Amos Shapira wrote:
> |Sendmail configuration is tough but it is also the best documented MTA
> |bar none!  The O'Reliey book alone on sendmail is 2 1/5" thick.  Probably 
> |close to everything that has ever been done with mail has been done with
> |sendmail (and possibly some things that can only be done with sendmail --
> |and NO I don't know of any examples personally).
> The only reason I still keep sendmail on my home machine is that I
> didn't get any answer about how to implement a "fallback MX" in Qmail.
> The point is a little mute now that I have an FR line at home but
> still.... maybe this is your example.

Didya ask the qmail list?

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