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Re: Initial partitions

> > [1] I don't why my system always reboots in "read-only" mode now;
> Umm, what kernel were you running before? 

Debian 1.3, from a Walnut Creek CD-ROM dated late last year.  It
was one of those "6-CD set!" deals; I bought the bundle so I could
install the best on my personal systems, yet still install the 
politically acceptable at work! :-)

N.B., the system *did* boot after I ran autoup.sh, and it rebooted
after I loaded a number of packages from hamm.  (no more than 25 
packages).  It didn't reboot after I downloaded and installed a
big chunk of hamm.  (My hamm directory is about 160 MB now, most
of it downloaded yesterday and most of it installed before I called
it a night.)

Further complicating the issue I loaded a minimal 1.3 into my CD-R 
scratch space (/dev/sda4).  I then upgraded to libc6, and installed 
lilo-20.  I could boot direct to /dev/sda4, but not /dev/sda1.  When 
I boot from /dev/sda4 I *can* modify the contents of /dev/sda1.  This
is true when running either libc5 or libc6.

I would show you the log messages, but (duh) the disk is read-only 
and the log messages aren't written.  I know that there are a lot of 
secondary failures since I can't mount /proc (which modifies /etc/mtab)?
I can't install modules, apparently for the same reason.  I can't run 
various services, since they write information to /var/run.  I can't 
write syslog messages to /dev/tty12, since I can't change ownership.
The system doesn't even know its own name, so my login prompt is 
"(none) Login:".  

Hmm; I think I'll try a few more tricks to grab the log messages...

Bear Giles

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