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Re: Preliminary intent to package - enlightenment


On Sun, 3 May 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> --On Sun, May 3, 1998 5:26 pm +0100 "Jules Bean" <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk>
> wrote: 
> > Hi there...
> > 
> > Anyone out there already grabbed the enlightenment package, or have a
> reason
> > why it shouldn't be in slink?  If not, I hereby announce intent to package
> > enlightenment for slink/main.
> Oops.
> I withdraw this request.
> Enlightenment is already being packaged - by shaleh@livenet.net.  I'll
> register as a developer, and go pick up a WNPP package..
> Jules

There are several problems with the packaging of enlightenment. It's
menuing system is *not* easy to integrate with debian menu. This is simply
because of the flexible and highly detailed syntax it uses. It is not
modular in any way.
	If enlightenment .14 is released before slink freezes, it will be
easier to integrate. .14 will have theme "templates" -- don't ask what
this means as it's fairly complicated and would only make sense to
somebody who has helped with the development of an enlightenment theme and
somewhat knows raster and mandrake.
	.14 will also be a gnome compliant WM (and raster is working
around the clock on it to port it to GTK and CORBA... He's being paid by
redhat advanced development labs for work on imlib, enlightenment, and gtk
enhancement). This means that all gnome apps will work with their advanced
features from the enlightenment wm... A lot is coming to pass.
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