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Duplicate package names

I've combined the Packages files for main, contrib, non-free
and non-us for a program I'm working on and there are about 10
duplicate package names. tcpquota is in contrib/admin & admin;
xexec in contrib/misc and x11, for example. Is this because
the different versions have different distribution definitions
and both will stay around or is it just that some housekeeping
needs to be done?

I guess it doesn't matter if both will stick around because I'd
have to allow for package name dupes to include the experimental
Packages file anyhow.

I've put the current version of the program up at
http://www.tfn.net/~ricknie . I realize no one has any spare time
right now, but I'd really appreciate it if someone familiar with
Debian could have a look at it and tell me if it's worthwhile
or if it just duplicates things that are already out there.

It might be more useful to turn it into a program that just
allows comparisons and searches of the file lists from the
various Linux distributions. That's providing I can find them.


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