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Re: source packages and censorship

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 11:33:55AM -0400, Daniel Martin at cush wrote:
> I think someone already proposed this idea, and it was immediately
> ignored, so I'm going to suggest it again:

I didn't ignore it.

> What about a pine-installer package?
> This would be similar to the netscape3 and netscape4 packages of old - 
> the user would be asked in the preinst to put the pine .orig.tar.gz,
> the .diff.gz and the .dsc files into /tmp (or $TMPDIR); if those files 
> weren't there the preinst would bomb out, aborting installation.  (the 
> documentation displayed in dselect would have to mention this too).

Just be sure to tell the user where to get these things.  netscape4 didn't
tell you what version/filename to get or even where from.  Granted,
ftp*.netscape.com is a no-brainer, but.  =>

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