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Re: source packages and censorship


On Fri, 1 May 1998, Daniel Martin at cush wrote:

> Let me lay out my opinion of the differences of the effects of the two
> methods:

Let me tell you that there is a workaround for all your objections :-)
> Method pine-src:
> ---------------
> - the user who hasn't discovered debian-user or ftp.debian.org, but
> just has an official CD (and barring some unexpected marketing,
> official Debian CDs will be much more numerous than CDs mixing in
> non-free stuff) will conclude that pine isn't available for Debian.

I don't think this will happen. People already know that pine is not free,
and that "non-free" does not come in official CDs. People already know 
since Debian 1.3.1 that that need FTP to get pine.

> - the user on a high-enough speed connection to be using dselect's ftp
> method will see "pine-src" in the menu and conclude that that's what
> they need to install pine.

pine396-src will Recommends: pine396-diffs.

> - the pine-src package will be a huge thing to download each time a
> new pine .diff.gz is released.  (the "three .debs" way seems
> incredibly convoluted, especially when a pine-installer can do the
> whole thing in a much cleaner fashion).

Only the pine396-diffs package will have to be downloaded for each time 
a new pine is released.

> - various people will get very upset about having the pine source
> twice on debian mirrors - a bit superfluous, no?

Since we already distribute the original pine source in the source
directory, I plan to keep the original tarball out of the
pine396-src source package and use md5sum to check that the original
tarball is really present.

pine396-src.deb will be quite big, but since we save some space by not
having the real binary .deb packages, I don't think we waste too much

Summary: Go ahead, create an installer. Today I will upload
the first release of pine396-src and pine396-diffs. You can base
your installers on these packages if you like, but I don't want to
maintain an installer package.


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