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Re: on forming a new Linux Distribution

On Thu, Apr 30, 1998 at 12:05:00PM -0700, Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE>
> [ Focus on the user issue ]
> > This is the case for a lot of debian developers, not for all of them,
> > I have to admit.
> I think it's too large a number for me to go against.

Vocal Minority; Silent Majority.

> > Please tell us where we have to improve our mechanisms according to
> > your oppinion.
> Oh gosh, you're not serious, are you? My solution would be rather draconian.
> The alternative I've chosen is much better than a draconian one.

Well, our previous leader leaving Debian, saying that Debian is at odds
with his goals and thus intending to start a new distribution...

Gee, I really don't know what to think of this.  I know you have the best
intentions, but to be honest with you, I felt somewhat betrayed and
abandoned when I first read your announcement.

> > Isnt' there already a distribution based on Debian?
> No, there isn't. Somebody took a little of our stuff for some French
> dist, but it's not Debian.

What about SEUL?  Isn't it still in development?  I noticed some Debian
users and developers participating in the SEUL project a few months ago.

Oh well...  Who cares...


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