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Re: Intent to package: debian-keyring

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> On 20 Apr 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Well, to take a different tack, what is the point of a policy
>> document at all when anyone can say "well, my package is an
>> exception and need not comply to policy."?  If one may take that
>> stance, I see no point in having a policy document in the first
>> place.

Dale> To take the same tack, what is the point of a policy document
Dale> that is so rigid that noone can say "My package needs an
Dale> exception to this policy."? If one may take this stance, I see
Dale> no point in trying to build a distribution in the first place.

	OOOooooh, Some thing I can agree with ;-) The policy can never
 be rigid; it is up to the policy to conform to correct
 behaviour. There should be well defined processes to initiate a
 change in policy (I thought such procedures already exist). 

	The difference here is that one has to convince a number of
 other people (generally, the people interested in policy hang out in
 debian-policy); so it means that one may not arbitarily decide that
 they shall ship a package that is non-free into main since their
 package is an exception to the DFSG. I think discussion on something
 as important as the policy document is not undesirable. 

	It also means that a lone developer can't shanghai policy
 ;-). If the policy manager gets too rigid, the developers can impeach
 him/her 9if we ratify the constituition).

	Policy can never become a rigid unchanging document; and any
 flaws or exceptions should be included in the policy as soon as

	I do not think that the solution to a flaw in the policy
 should be to ignore policy. I think the solution should be to fix

	Oh, when I say policy, I mean the loose heirarchy of documents
 that constitute the rules by which we construct packages (including
 the DFSG, the www standard, the emacsen policy, etc)

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