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Re: Intent to package: debian-keyring


	I do not think (personal opinion, it seems, looking at the
 other responses) that the Policy is a ``guideline''; I have always
 thought of it as a set of ``rules'' to be followed.

	I think the policy document is what makes Debian a well
 integrated distribution; packages can depend on toher packages to
 follow the rules, and build on the co-operation this common set of
 rules enables. (For example, LaTeX2HTML can put icons in a well knwon
 location and be sure that when the documents are put on the local web
 server, the icons shall be visible).

	If the policy were merely something one followed on a whim,
 and flouted when we felt like it, the confidence in the ability to
 depend on other packages in the distribution breaks down; and that is
 detrimental to the well being of the project.

	So if you think that the policy is flawed, or that there are
 exceptions to some dictate of policy; please speak up and have policy
 changed; and do not let other packages retain the misapprehension
 that they can rely on your package to follow policy unless you intend
 to do so.

	The policy is the only standard we have for the distribution;
 and standards not followed are sometimes worse than no standards at
 all. (This is one of my pet peeves with miscrosoft).

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