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Re: first proposal for a new maintainer policy

On 29 Apr 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> Dale> The Policy Statement is a set of rules for the behavior of
> Dale> developers, set down by the "ruling body", sometimes referred to
> Dale> as "the government". When those rules are viewed as more
> Dale> important than the people participating, that view is a Fascist
> Dale> one.
> 	Please elucidate hw the laws of the united states, canada, the
>  united kindom, or indeed, any european union country (pardon
>  for missing your country here) does not fit the same criterion.

I'd just like to make a couple of points here:

  1) The UK does not have a constitution (we rely on the House of Lords to 
     interpret Roman law, parliamentary law and precedent).  Also, the
     subjects (not citizens) of the UK don't have too many (if any) rights
     defined in any formal way, so you really are not going to get very far
     citing this as an example of a set of rules being better than some people

  2) this is going way off topic, and has been quite tedious for some time.

Cheers, Phil.

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