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Re: X and Window Mangers

On Tue, Apr 28, 1998 at 01:26:37AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> 1) ship an empty /etc/X11/window-managers with xbase
> 2) mark it as a conffile
> 3) separate twm into its own package


> 4) write /usr/sbin/register-window-manager
> register-window-manager [pathname]
>   [...]
> register-window-manager --add pathname
> register-window-manager --remove pathname

Nice! Thanks Branden!

> Of course, all window managers will have to depend on xbase for this to
> work.  Is there any reasonable scenario in which a user would have a
> window manager installed but not xbase?

(predepend, isn't it?) Given the binaries provided by xbase --  BTW, some of
them are never used, I think -- I don't think you can run a WM without xbase
installed. OTOH, if the wm is provided over NFS, there's a chance of having
xbase (local) and wm (nfs mounted). That leads us into a pre-suggests (ugh!)
situation. pre because xbase has to be configured before WM. suggests
because it could run without xbase. I rather not see something like this
(it's the same situation with menu, and it can be handled the same way), and
I better get some coffee because I'm talking non-sense.


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