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Re: package ordering in dpkg methods (was Re: Distribution ordering)

On 3 Apr 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:

> While you're thinking about ordering, have you thought about
> integration Manoj's pkg-order into dpkg-http in order to provide more
> reasonable unpack/config/remove ordering to dpkg-http?  Would this be
> extremely difficult to do?  Do you need volunteers?

   I thought about it, but with the code freeze coming up I didn't have
time to implement it, so I went back to plain-dselect style (dis)ordering. 
I'd have had to implement a lot more in dpkg-http, and even if I succeeded
in time, it wouldn't have had any testing.  The effort is probably better
spent enhancing and testing apt.  dpkg-http was a stopgap effort on my
part to make use of our local webcache, and be able to access both US and
non-US archives at the same time. 

> Another question, somewhat related.  How suitable is dpkg-http for use
> either installing a fresh system (only base packages from the floppies
> installed) or upgrading bo to hamm?  I wonder, since it uses
> libwwwperl.

   More code would have to be placed on the install floppies, but not all
of libwwwperl.  Someone would have to figure out which additional files
from the perl, libnet-perl, and libwww-perl packages are required.
libmd5-perl is in the dependency chain, but no files from it are actually
used.  These files would then have to be transfered to the perl-base
package (I think).  If you want to do this, you should probably check with
the install floppy team and see if they'll add it.
   Upgrading from bo to hamm probably won't work, but is slightly safer
than dpkg-ftp.  It [should] warn of a predependency and abort, suggesting
you install that package by hand (dpkg -i).  If no predependencies exist,
the selected .debs are downloaded, and dpkg -iGROEB is run on the
download directory.


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