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Re: Rescue disk crashes with mem=128M or mem=32M or mem=64M

On Fri, Apr 24, 1998 at 11:53:19AM -0400, Chris Fearnley wrote:
> Hi,
> The April 11th boot disk crashes when I enter the kernel command line
> option "mem=128M" (I also tried mem=32M and mem=64M -- all crashed in the
> same way (see below)).
> This system has 128M of RAM, but the BIOS only reports 16M to Linux.
> When I try to correction this on the boot disk command-line, I get the
> following crash:
> linux mem=128M           (manually entered at boot disk prompt)
> Loading root.bin...........
> Loading Linux.......     (I didn't record number of dots here or above)
> Decompressing Linux...   (exactly 3 dots)
> crc error
> -- System halted
> Using the March boot disks this procedure works (boy am I glad I kept a
> copy of those March boot disks!!!).
> And using lilo (with the same kernel as is on the boot disk), the mem=128M
> line works (I even built a kernel and ran lots of memtests to verify that
> the memory works fine.  It does.)
> Conclusion: the April boot disks are broken wrt the mem kernel command line
> option.

That may be syslinux fault. Can you copy the file ldlinux.sys
from March rescue disk to April rescue disk and try again?
Or even better, install syslinux_1.37 (now in incoming), put the April
rescue disk in the floppy disk drive, run "syslinux /dev/fd0" (or fd1)
and try installing with that disk, to see if the bug has been fixed.

Enrique Zanardi						   ezanardi@ull.es

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