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Re: package pre-selections tool

In article <m9bvhsof17m.fsf@jocoque.cps.msu.edu>,
Steve Dunham <dunham@cps.msu.edu> wrote:
>Finally, it installs all the selected packages without asking the user
>20 times in a row if they prefer XV (or which dictionary they prefer).
>(The dictionary issue isn't as important since fewer people install
>English, German and French dictionaries.)

(But even if you only install one dictionary, it'll still ask you
a question.)

The other wordlist package maintainers and I have been discussing this for
a while now.  We're going to move over to using update-alternatives for
Debian 2.1 -- it's really too far into the freeze now to do it for 2.0.

For now, all the wordlist packages are being updated to use some
slightly more intelligent scripts.  When people upgrade bo -> hamm, they
will get asked which dictionary they want to be the default, but after
that, all further upgrades should be questionless.

If you want to have a script install these packages without questions,
(let's say you want to make wenglish the default dictionary) first
make the symlink /etc/dictionary -> /usr/dict/english, then install
the package.  Just make sure you unpack the package containing the
file /etc/dictionary points to before any of the other dictionaries get
configured, though, otherwise the 'broken' symlink will be moved out of
the way!

Hope this helps,

Charles Briscoe-Smith
White pages entry, with PGP key: <URL:http://alethea.ukc.ac.uk/wp?95cpb4>
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