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Re: More formal proposals

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

Ian> * Manoj's has an ambiguous sentence in s.6.1(4) where the
Ian> tech. ctte overrides an individual developer: ... this requires a
Ian> 3:1 majority *of all the Technical Committee members currently
Ian> seated* (emphasis for Manoj's added text).  I think this is a
Ian> rather ill-thought-out attempt to change the voting rules for
Ian> such decisions.  It's not clear to me what the exact effect is
Ian> intended to be, but it's probably to count all abstentions as
Ian> `no's.  I think this is a bad idea because it doesn't cope with
Ian> the situation where technical committee members are unavailable.
Ian> 2:1 majority for such a small committee is already quite a strong
Ian> requirement, IMO.

	The desired effect was to ensure that the committe may not be
 hijacked (possibly when some members were unavailable for a period)
 and a single tech committe member calling a vote, voting themselves
 (as no other tech committee member are available), and making a
 developer do nasty things ;-)

	In retrospect, giving developers the power to put a tech
 committee decision on hold is a better solution.

	I still think a minimum number of people involved in a tech
 committee vote should be specified.

	Also, how does the proposer of a motion or an amendment
 withdraw it from consideration? Do the seconders of such a motion or
 amendment have any say in this matter?

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