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More formal proposals

1. Manoj's recently proposed amendment
  If I understand section A.1 of the draft Constitution correctly,
  Ian Jackson (as proposer of the resolution to adopt the Constitution)
  has the option of immediately making Manoj's proposal formal.  If he
  does not do so, the proposal will require 5 seconds to be made formal.
  I second Manoj's proposal.

  It seems that the proposer of a resolution can make a proposed
  amendment formal and immediately accept it and incorporate it into
  the body of the resolution.  This seems like an excellent way to
  quickly process sensible suggestions, and I hope it will be the
  dominant method.

2. I propose the following typographical corrections to the Constitution:
  - in s.3.2, second paragraph, replace "evelopers" with "developers".
  - in s.5.1.1, replace "Techical" with "Technical".
  - in s.5.2.5, from "Votes are in leadership elections are kept secret",
    strike the first "are".
  - in s.5.2.7, replace "decision" with "decision".
  - in s.5.2.7, replace "Resulution" with "Resolution".
  - in s.6.3.4, replace "commitee" with "committee".
  - in appendix A, replace "decisonmaking" with "decisionmaking".
  - in appendix B, replace "consitution" with "constitution".

3. I propose the following typographical corrections which I am less
  sure about:
  - in s.5.1.4, replace "noone" with "no-one".
  - in s.5.3, replace "overemphasizing" with "over-emphasizing".
  - in A.5.5, replace "Transferrable" with "Transferable".
    (the former might be British spelling?  I'm not sure.)
  - throughout, replace "decisionmaking" with "decision making".

4. I propose the following clarification:
  - in s.8.2, first sentence, replace "their" with "the Leader's".
    Rationale: the "their" seems to be a false plural that refers
    back to "the Leader".  This is confusing because there is also
    a real plural ("The Delegates") available.

Since I have no urge to vote on these changes if Ian Jackson does
not accept them, I do not ask for seconds.

Richard Braakman

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