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Re: More formal proposals

Richard Braakman writes ("More formal proposals"):
> 2. I propose the following typographical corrections to the Constitution:
>   - in s.3.2, second paragraph, replace "evelopers" with "developers".
>   - in s.5.1.1, replace "Techical" with "Technical".
>   - in s.5.2.5, from "Votes are in leadership elections are kept secret",
>     strike the first "are".
>   - in s.5.2.7, replace "decision" with "decision".
>   - in s.5.2.7, replace "Resulution" with "Resolution".
>   - in s.6.3.4, replace "commitee" with "committee".
>   - in appendix A, replace "decisonmaking" with "decisionmaking".
>   - in appendix B, replace "consitution" with "constitution".

Fixed these, and at least one other `decison'.

> 3. I propose the following typographical corrections which I am less
>   sure about:
>   - in s.5.1.4, replace "noone" with "no-one".
>   - in s.5.3, replace "overemphasizing" with "over-emphasizing".
>   - in A.5.5, replace "Transferrable" with "Transferable".
>     (the former might be British spelling?  I'm not sure.)
>   - throughout, replace "decisionmaking" with "decision making".

I disagree with these.  That's just my quirky style :-).

> 4. I propose the following clarification:
>   - in s.8.2, first sentence, replace "their" with "the Leader's".
>     Rationale: the "their" seems to be a false plural that refers
>     back to "the Leader".  This is confusing because there is also
>     a real plural ("The Delegates") available.

Fixed these.

> Since I have no urge to vote on these changes if Ian Jackson does
> not accept them, I do not ask for seconds.

You needn't have proposed them as a motion - I can amend the
resolution as I want anyway ...


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