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Re: New APT Version

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:
> > I think it went into experimental.
> Oh good!

Personally, I think wide testing is better for software projects. We have a
lot of far less complete software in the archive, and this approach is
precisely how linux achieved its explosive growth.

If we want this to be our standard packaging software for 2.1 we should put it
in unstable now and once frozen is released all developers should be using it.

> > Also, is the ftp method going to be reenabled?
> For those of you with high bandwidth links, I have measured about a ~5%
> BPS (10k/s!) gain over ftp, and for those of you with high lag the lack of
> handshaking also dramtically speeds things up. 

Oh I'm all for switching to HTTP. Can we convince all our mirrors to switch?

> I would really like to get a list of mirrors in sources.list format ..
> [would allow a much smarter seutp script]

It should even be possible to have apt ping them all and choose one based on
the rtt, ttl, and a hard coded list of preferences.

> > Going to germany from here is really unnecessary.
> Actually it is, ftp.de.debian.org is the only http enabled site I know of
> that has the non-US archive. 

I intended to use a US archive for the main components and only use Germany
for the non-us section.


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