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Re: Question on packaging djgpp (finnaly!)

"Lalo Martins" <lalo@webcom.com> writes:

> Is this two newbieish, or nobody really knows? If it's newbieish
> someone can tell me and I'll take the problem to debian-mentors.

> > Well now for the real question. Considering that this stuff is
> > distributed as a bunch of files you need to add to the gcc
> > sources to compile, how do I manage source packages for this?

I think it's that nobody really knows.

I'll take a crack, even though I'm not really experienced enough to be sure.
Hopefully it will stimulate someone else to provide a proper solution or
affirm mine.

I would consider giving up on basing the package on "pristine" source.
That means you can include whatever you want in the .tar.gz.

So for example you could tar the patch as well as a complete gcc tarball to
which the patch is known to apply cleanly. Then the debian/rules could apply
the patch and build the result.


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