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Re: Question on packaging djgpp (finnaly!)

Is this two newbieish, or nobody really knows? If it's newbieish
someone can tell me and I'll take the problem to debian-mentors.

On Apr 02, Lalo Martins decided to present us with:
> I have the intention of packaging djgpp (as a cross-compiler)
> ever since I first discovered Debian and Free Software in
> general (1.1 was just out, wow). Now I finally managed to
> register as a maintainer and I'm proud to say it will be on
> slink, though a cross-compiler for DOS isn't as useful as it was
> by that time...
> First, I plan to name the package "dos-gcc", as that's the name
> of the executable, and follow the gcc version numbering.
> Well now for the real question. Considering that this stuff is
> distributed as a bunch of files you need to add to the gcc
> sources to compile, how do I manage source packages for this?

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