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Re: crypt++.el nonus or main

***** BP => Ben Pfaff

   Which reminds me: would you like a bug against mailcrypt due to it's
   insistence on emacs (I'm an xemacs user).  Or should there be some
   virtual emacs that {x,}emacs{19,20} provide & that you depend on?
   Or maybe all third party emacsen packages should depend on emacsen-common?

BP> Yes, all emacsen-related packages should depend on emacsen-common.
BP> If mailcrypt doesn't, that's a bug.

Ehr... mailcrypt was one of the first packages to be ported to
emacsen-common... :-))

But it depends on emacs19|emacs20 because xemacs{19,20} ship with
their own mailcrypt; this is ok: it's normal with flavor specific

I've checked the latest xemacs tarballs on master some time ago, and
assuered my self they already contain mailcrypt.

So you should not install the mailcrypt package _unless_ you have

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