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Re: Intent to package


	Please note that vanilla angband is already a debian
 package. You may find the packaging files already prodiced for
 angband a great help; there are a number of issues about the library
 files (some of them are intended to be cusotmized, and hence need to
 be conffiles under /etc; with symbolic links back into
 /var/lib/games; and those links have to be absolute.

	This is not exactly a package I would recommend to a novice
 maintainer, but maybe with the angband packaging files this is not
 too onerous a task.

 In article <649.2686213d@desire.wright.edu> nyoung@desire.wright.edu
 (Nils R.  Bull Young) writes: | I consider this to be a form of
 censorship of my access to the | free exchange of information and
 thus a First Amendment question.  ... In common terms you can write a
 book, and no one can stop you or tell you what to write, but no one
 else is required to publish the book, or to read it. You can raise
 specious issues in net postings, but no one is required to agree, to
 carry your postings, or even read them. If everyone on the net adds
 you to their KILL file, you have no recourse. If every site checks
 incoming postings and blows your stuff away, that's their right.
 Don't worry, a few individuals may ignore you, but the bulk of the
 net will read every word, if only to disagree.  Bill Davidsen
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