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Re: Request for policy advice on X server manpages

Remco Blaakmeer writes:
 > Do you know which programs need the XF86Config file? My guess would be
 > xf86config, XF86Setup and all X servers. Couldn't you just check their
 > source code and patch it so that they'll always look in /etc/X11/ for this
 > file? I think this would solve the problem.

According to the man page:
XF86Config(4/5)                                   XF86Config(4/5)

       XF86Config - Configuration File for XFree86

       XFree86  uses  a  configuration file called XF86Config for
       its initial setup.  This configuration  file  is  searched
       for in the following places:


       where  <XRoot> refers to the root of the X11 install tree.

Why do you need a symlink in the first place, if the search
sequence that is specified in the man page is followed by the X


Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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