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I'm _APT_ to drop a load in my pants...

Now, all of you that know me know that I am a sober minded fellow who
is not prone to wild-eyed cheerleading or needless acidic ranting. :-)

But, if I may, I would like to rant a bit about APT.

!!! Sweet Holy Mother, Father, Son and Nephew in Heaven have mercy on all
    competing package management systems for the one and only true light is
    the Debian packaging system as evidenced by the incredible and overly
    kick-ass APT packaging program. Verily, I will need a lot of soap to wash
    away the soil I unloaded in my pants when I witnessed the cunning and
    artful lines of APT's fancy-pants new interface. Man, oh man, oh man oh
    MAN is APT bootie. I would go so far as to say it must be the latest
    word in 3L333t3 Fr33W4ReZ |NsT4llerzzz dewdzzz. It is perhaps even 
    K-rAd if I dare revert to the catchisms of my youthful C-64 days.
    Life is sweet, I am young again... thanks to APT !!!

I apologize for this regretable display.

On Fri, Apr 03, 1998 at 01:56:36PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> We are now releasing apt for general beta. This applies only to the
> command-line utility apt-get and not the gui apt (both are in the apt deb)

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